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Mentor and Mentee relationships between women can cultivate, nurture and expand professional relationships and be a key driver to accelerate a growth promising career and enterprise. Businesses can strengthen the executive leadership and business skills of their workforce to identify opportunities to grow their companies by tapping into the worldwide women skills data bank.

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We need something like this in our city and now we have a forum where women from all walks of life can join hands together for a better future.

– Margaret WongMargaret W. Wong and Assoc. Co., LPA

It is with pleasure and delight to be in the midst of this great day in history where Elite Women of means are laying aside “cave women” inner rivalries and circle the wagon mentalities and joining forces to “reach back and pull up” aspiring women, thus, making this a better world for themselves and their loved ones.

– Schellie Sainte’Marie WareElite Women Project Supporter